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Art From the Barrel is a small businesss founded on the concept of recycling wine barrels and turning them into functional art pieces. Our goal in the design of each art piece is to bring out the natural beauty of wood.

Wine barrels are made from oak of various varieties. Popular sources are the forests in France, Eastern Europe and America. The wood itself is beautiful but combined with the stain from the wine once stored in it and the interior toasting of the barrel, each piece is unique. (Some may wonder what we mean by toasting. Many barrels, as they are being made, are put over a flame, whereby, the wood is toasted or charred to the winemaker’s specifications.) The barrels used in the art pieces have once contained zinfandel, pinot noir, cabernet and other varietals of wine.

We obtain barrels from wineries in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay area after the they have been taken out of production. We take them apart and recondition the staves (sides), the metal bands and the barrel heads (the top and bottom of the barrel). After reconditioning the components, we assemble, stain and finish the wood with several types of finishes depending upon its use. We use Minwax ® Golden Oak, Cabernet, and other stains that enhance the beauty of the oak. For food trays we use a salad bowl finish or a Butcher Block Conditioner. Both are USDA approved for contact with food. For other decorative trays we use Minwax® Water-Based Polycrylic® finish which is also non-toxic when dry. Tung oil is also used on certain pieces to give them a rich fine furniture finish.